Maintaining a Style Guide

Maintaining documentation is an invaluable part of the development process. It’s how those unfamiliar with a system—be it an API or an internal style guide—become familiar, and how those familiar maintain consistency.

Recently, I started maintaining my own style guide. Along with my dotfiles, I’m slowly archiving the way I write what I write—and leaving a trail of searchable history as I go along. I document as I go, without pressure, and iterate on previous decisions when they prove to be fragile.

Besides my own experiences and mistakes, peeking at other’s style guides has helped accomplish these iterations. A handful of companies and individuals are openly doing this, and I find there is much to learn from their opinions. A few of my favorites are:

I encourage anyone writing code to maintain a style guide. There is much to learn from the thoughts and opinions of others. If you’re interested in doing the same, make a repo, gather some inspiration, and document away!